For the continuous roll forming of metallic strip to produce round & flat armoured electrical cables, and interlocked armour.

  • Single strip (CT1) and patented dual strip (CT2) production lines from Pay-Off to Take-Up
  • True triple drive system; AC vector or servo motor controlled
  • Adjustable tooling head angles; balanced with fixed positions
  • Multiple machine sizes; 1 ¼”, 2”, 4” and 5”
  • Aluminum, steel, stainless steel and Monel materials
  • 3/8” to 1” wide strip, depending on machine size, with maximum pad weights up to 1,500 lbs.
  • For traverse wound strip coils; 6”, 9” and 12” nominal widths
  • Electric strip tensioning system with automatic self-adjustment; no wear items
  • Off-line tooling setups for reduced downtime
  • Pneumatic coil chucking
  • Colour touch screen process setup and control

Calmec CT1 Flexible Armouring Machines are the most advanced armouring machines available. These high speed machines are designed for the production of interlocked armor in a continuous operation. They produce round armoured cables, flat down-well pump or ESP (electrical submersible pump) cables, and interlocked armour & conduit without cables.

The strip is formed to the desired profile and helically applied around the cable. Tooling heads are balanced at fixed incremental angles for maximum machine speed capability; the head angle is reduced as the product size increases. The menu driven touch screen provides all setup information required. 

Key Features

  • Head assembly designed for positive and fast tool changeover, with off-line setup capability
  • Multiple fixed head angles with balanced positions provide optimum positive placement and higher running speeds at all head angles.
  • True vector AC vector or servo motor drive system reduces maintenance by eliminating high wear mechanical gearbox, or variator.
  • Hardened tooling throughout for longer wear
  • Multiple formed profiles available; ‘S’, ‘Z’, round, flat, or custom designed
  • Menu driven colour touch screen for full product range, with recipe specific parameters & tooling requirements, display of system parameters, and maintenance screens
  • Low coil detection based on strip feed rate; no sensor
  • LED lighting throughout
  • Rotational Strip Storage Stands, Coil Rotators, and Coil Transfer stands also available

Multi Motor Drive System

  • Four independent AC vector or optional servo motors; one for the main spindle, for the strip feed, for strip tensioning, and for the Cater Puller or Capstan – drives combined on a common DC bus
  • True full motor system, no differential or gear box required; drives digitally synchronized
  • Multiple drives eliminate the mechanical variator, PIV, or differential and all the associated mechanical maintenance issues
  • Digital drives allow for repeatable, precise and accurate menu set-ups
  • Drives can also operate independently for set-up purposes, meaning the strip feed rolls can be run while the tooling head remains stationary; a safer and efficient tooling setup
  • Electrical control of strip feed rate with digital setting and display