For the Winding and Unwinding of Wire & Cable and Other Material
Calmec has a wide range of Take-up designs to suit most requirements. From smaller, high-speed spoolers and fixed frame units to the large roll-through and bridge type machines, Calmec offers a great selection of styles.

Choosing which style is best for your application involves deciding what products are to be run on the unit, the size range of product, the line speed range, the floor space available, as well as budget.

Bridge Type Take-Up

The Take-Up uses an overhead bridge structure with two support arms travelling along linear bearing tracks that provide a smooth yet highly rigid movement.

The Bridge Type Take-up permits the main advantage of having a relatively clear floor around the reel, with the ability to roll a reel through the machine.

Fixed Arm Take-Up

Fixed Arm machines have the reel pivot up off the floor, usually via hydraulics. The reel stays fixed as a traversing guide assembly moves back and forth along with the product.

Fixed Frame Take-Up

This unit is designed to accommodate a single relatively small size reel. There is no lifting of the reel except for the cone of the pintle raising the reel just off the floor.

Spooler Take-Up

Spoolers are usually designed to accommodate a single small size spool or reel. They are usually designed for higher speed winding of small sized products, where an accurate traverse is required to provide good winding.