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Here at Calmec we have extensive design expertise in custom machinery and we have developed equipment for many unique requirements in the Wire and Cable industry. Contact us for your special needs from items to entire lines.

Quality Products

At Calmec we manufacture robust, maximum performance production machinery for the Wire & Cable industry. We are a leader in developing and applying cutting edge technology and design advancements.


Specifically for Wire and Cable Industry with maximum quality and maximum performance by design. With over 40 Years experience in cable manufacturing solutions Calmec is the leader in armour cable machinery.



For winding and unwinding of wire, cable and other materials

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For the continuous roll forming of metallic strip to produce round & flat armoured electrical cables, and interlocked armour.

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Industry 4.0

In keeping with Industry 4.0 design principles, Calmec offers automation and data exchange for the complete interlock armouring process.

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For the continuous non-rotational production of square locked and fully interlocked flexible metal conduits.

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Cater Pullers+

cater Pullers capstan tensioners

For consistent pull-through of wire, cable, hose and conduit

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High speed concentric taping machines, for the continuous constant tension taping of a variety of tape materials over cables.

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Dancers & Accumulators

For accumulation and speed regulation of wire, cable, hose and conduit

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For unwinding of wire, cable, hose and conduit

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For winding small coils of wire, cable, hose and conduit

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Our history

40 years of excellence in armoured engineering solutions

Established in Canada in 1979 Calmec’s founders and associates had a vision and passion for precision design and mastery in fabrication and manufacturing. In over 40 years of development Calmec has specialized in process driven equipment for the continuous roll forming of metallic strip, and the application of metallic and non-metallic tapes, to produce flexible conduit and pipes over electrical cables, hoses, and as components of deep sea umbilical’s. We are a leader in developing and applying cutting edge technology and design advancements, both mechanically and electrically. We strive to manufacture robust, maximum performance equipment which meets and exceeds the needs of the customer.

CT2 Dual Strip

Calmec is leading the way in armouring solutions as we strive to create machines to make your production of higher quality and more cost efficient.  Have your company lead the way by using Calmec’s new CT2 Armouring Machine

Half the  
Labour Cost
Floor Space

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