Industry 4.0

In keeping with Industry 4.0 design principles, Calmec offers automation and data exchange for the complete interlock armouring process, which includes:

  • Interoperability
  • Information Transparency
  • Technical Assistance
  • Decentralized Decisions

The process line operating parameters, final product dimension, historical data, maintenance and technical assistance information necessary for decentralized decision making is provided through two separation Vision Systems 

Machine Vision System

The Machine Vision System measures the physical dimensions of the interlock armour, including diameter and convolution count, as well as providing non-contact length measurement.

All historical data is stored in simple CSV files on an Industrial PC and can be uploaded through OPC software to a customer’s server.

Environmental Vision Monitoring System

The multiple camera-based Environment Vision Monitoring System monitors the entire line from Pay-Off to Armouring Machine to Take-Up, with early warning signals for full or empty reel conditions. The system incorporates an Industrial PC with remote wireless connectivity, with either a tablet or optional AR glasses for access to maintenance manuals, assembly drawings, and remote access to Calmec technicians for troubleshooting assistance.