High speed concentric taping machines, for the continuous constant tension taping of a variety of tape materials over cables and conduit.

  • Multiple machine sizes; 18”, 20” & 24” pad diameters
  • Copper, aluminum, Mylar, polypropylene & fiber materials
  • For high line speed applications up to 300 feet per minute
  • 1/2” to 4” wide tapes, depending on machine size, with maximum pad weights up to 250 lbs.
  • HMI touch screen process setup and control
  • Electric motor drive constant tape tension control, from full to empty pad and independent of operating speed
  • Tape pad storage shuttle for the handling of multiple tape pads for long cable runs
  • Optional rotary pad storage shuttle for off-line loading of tape pads, to minimize downtime
  • Optional Coil Rotator for assisting loading of heavy tapes

Concentric Taping Heads are designed for the application of a single tape rotating concentrically around a cable or conduit. Machines are capable of handling pads up to 24” diameter pads, with a maximum tape width of 4”, and either 3” or 6” diameter cores depending on machine model. The machines have cable ranges from 1/4” to 3” diameter, and have maximum operational speeds from 1200-1500 RPM depending on machine model.

Key Features

  • Automatic nose roller angle provided to the operator dependent on setup parameters input into the HMI
  • Multiple pay-off rollers provide smooth transition from pad to nose roller assembly and point of application onto cable
  • Rigidly built to handle heavy pad weights at high operational speeds
  • Rotary pad storage shuttle option provides off-line loading of pads during machine operation, thus minimizing machine downtime, while supporting up to 2,000 lbs. in pad weight
  • Automatic pad transfer from support arm to head
  • May function as the master speed reference, or as a follower in a line process 

Multiple Motor Drive System

  • No maintenance issues with mechanical brake pads or wear items.
  • Allows digital set-up of the drives for each product size.
  • Allows operator to pick product sizes from a touch screen for automatic set-up of lay angle and quick changeover.
  • Electronic strip tensioning is digitally defined and does not change with wear and tear.
  • Electronic tape tension control via flux vector AC motor and drive, with automatic compensation provided for pad diameter, operational speed, material type, tape width and thickness
  • No strip tension adjustment required from full to empty pad.
  • The regenerative operation of the strip tension motor results in power generated that is fed back into the DC bus, lowering overall power consumption. This results in an energy efficient Taping Machine.